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Pain Care Providers is a top provider for the treatment of back pain for patients in and around Irvine, CA, including spine pain caused by chronic diseases. Dr. Reza Mahrou and Dr. Amir Rafizad are skilled in noninvasive techniques to relieve pain and improve overall quality of life.

Back Pain Q & A

What causes back and spine pain?

The back is unique because it contains the spinal cord, which in turn transports the nerves from the brain to every other location of the body. As a result, back pain can be caused by issues affecting the muscles, bones and connective tissues of the back itself, or it may be related to conditions that affect the spine, including herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, spondylolisthesis or facet joint disease. Some spine diseases are degenerative in nature, becoming worse with age and wear and tear. Traumatic accidents and strenuous physical activity, including bending and lifting or carrying heavy or uneven loads, can strain back muscles and place excessive strain on the spine, sometimes causing nerve-related pain that travels to the legs and arms. Even simple lifestyle issues, like having poor posture, sitting for long periods of time, sleeping on an unsupportive mattress or wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause back pain, and so can chronic stress. Because so many factors can cause back and spine pain, an accurate diagnosis is essential for providing the most appropriate care.

How is back pain diagnosed?

Back pain diagnosis begins with a review of symptoms and a physical evaluation of the back, sometimes accompanied by passive or active motions to determine which movements cause pain and where symptoms are occurring. Diagnostic imaging usually will be prescribed to “look inside” the back to check for signs of arthritis, herniated discs, stenosis and other issues that may be causing pain. Sometimes, special dyes may be used to highlight the discs or other portions of the spine. Sometimes injections or “nerve blocks” may be performed to isolate the portion of the spine that's causing pain.

What back pain treatments are available?

Today, there are many options for treating back and spine pain, including injections to block pain sensations or reduce inflammation, implants to stimulate the spinal cord and eliminate painful sensations, infusion devices that deliver medication directly to the site of pain, radiofrequency ablation of nerve tissue, and surgical intervention. Conservative approaches will be considered first, with more invasive options used only as needed.


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