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At Pain Care Providers, Dr. Reza Manrou and Dr. Amir Rafizad offer the use of nerve blocks and other treatment options to help their patients overcome pain in all its forms. The facility serves the residents of Irvine and Fountain Valley, California and the surrounding areas.

Nerve Block Q & A

What Does an Intercostal Nerve Block Treat?

An intercostal nerve block is used to block pain in certain parts of the chest, corresponding to the nerves located under each rib. This type of nerve block is often used to treat the intense pain and discomfort associated with the shingles or herpes zoster virus when it appears on or near the chest area. It is also used for chest pain after chest traumas or surgeries that involve ribs. A local anesthetic medication is used with or without steroids to anesthetize the area and block the pain signals that are sent from the affected chest nerves to the spinal cord.

What is a Celiac Plexus Block?

A celiac plexus block involves the injection of local anesthetics or other medications to anesthetize the area in and around the celiac plexus. This type of nerve block can be used to help diagnose a specific condition (like pancreatic cancer pain or chronic pancreatitis pain) or it can be used to treat certain chronic illnesses that are known for causing intense pain and discomfort. A celiac plexus block is often used to help control and alleviate the pain associated with pancreatitis, cancers of the digestive system, and adhesions that appear as the result of various types of injuries.

Are Nerve Blocks Dangerous?

For the most part, nerve blocks pose no significant problems when used by trained experts to help alleviate and manage pain. The main risks associated with a celiac plexus block involve injury to or disruption of the major blood vessels, lungs, nerve roots, and the kidneys. Today's advancements in these types of treatment options have come so far that risks are very minimal. Nerve blocks provide a level of pain relief that cannot be achieved through regular over the counter or prescription medications. If you are looking to have a nerve block procedure, or just have additional questions about the process, contact Pain Care Providers today. Our friendly staff will help you discover the best treatment option for your condition.


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