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Pain Care Providers is a state of the art medical facility that serves residents who live in or near the Irvine and Fountain Valley, California area. Dr. Amir Rafizad and Dr. Reza Mahrou specialize in the use of sympathetic blocks and other procedures that are specifically designed to alleviate chronic and acute pain.

Sympathetic Block Q & A

What is a Lumbar Sympathetic Block?

A sympathetic nerve block involves the injection of an anesthetic into or around the sympathetic nerves in a specific location in the body. A lumbar sympathetic nerve block is injected into the lower portion of the back, near the sympathetic nerves on either side of the spinal column. In most cases, sympathetic nerves are involved in regulating bodily functions such as blood flow. When a lumbar sympathetic block is considered, it is normally used to help control nerve impulses from the extremities, in this case, the legs.

How Do Ganglion Impar Blocks and Stellate Ganglion Blocks Occur?

A ganglion is a small cyst, or fluid-filled sac, that often appears after an injury. Stellate ganglions affect the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae in the neck, while ganglion impar is a collection of nerves located towards the front of the sacrum in the theĀ pelvic area. Both can cause pain in their respective areas and are capable of being treated with nerve blocks. Stellate ganglion block is used to control certain painful conditions of arms or face, while Ganglion Impar block can be used for theĀ treatment of rectal or pelvic pain.

What Does a Superior Hypergastric Block do?

A Superior Hypergastric Block is used to help alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by certain chronic nonmalignant conditions and cancers. The block is injected into the area between the lower vertebrae of the lumbar region and the upper portion of the sacral vertebrae. This type of nerve block helps to control pelvic cavity pain that is directly linked to cancer and other chronic conditions that are known to produce pain in varying degrees. This is an ideal treatment option for individuals who are in the advanced stages of lower abdominal cancer and other chronic forms of illness.


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