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If you’re suffering from neuropathic low back and leg pain, trying to find treatment that works might have seemed hopeless in the past. But, Pain Care Providers now has the latest state-of-the-art innovation for treatment: the Nevro HF10™. Reza Mahrou, MD, and Amir Rafizad, MD, offer Irvine and Fountain Valley California-area residents the best advanced pain management solutions. If you’re struggling with pain, book an appointment online or by phone now.

Spinal Cord Stimulator Q & A

HF10: How It Works

What is a spinal cord stimulator?

Spinal cord stimulators are used to block or at least modify nerve impulses that relay pain from the spinal cord to the brain. 

Also known as a dorsal column stimulator, spinal cord stimulators are small devices that are implanted under the skin with a thin wire that runs from the device to the spinal cord itself. 

The electrical impulses generated by the spinal cord stimulator act as a block to either prevent pain signals from reaching the spinal nerves or at least modify them to lessen their degree of intensity.

Pain Care Providers uses Nevro HF10 therapy because it’s the most effective spinal cord stimulation treatment available today, with the highest demonstrated success rate for chronic neuropathic low back and leg pain. 


When is a spinal cord stimulator used?

Spinal cord stimulators are used to help individuals who suffer from chronic pain and discomfort associated with various conditions that cause nerve pain throughout the body. 

The stimulators can be used to alleviate chronic pain that is associated with spinal injuries, as well as pain after unsuccessful spine surgeries, degenerative joint and bone disease, sciatica, and various types of nerve pain. 

It can also be beneficial in helping to control diabetic neuropathy and other types of nerve pain that accompany conditions like spinal stenosis. 

If you have pain that could be treated with spinal cord stimulation, contact Pain Care Providers to learn more about how this treatment can help you.  


Can stem cells help repair damage to the spinal cord?

Spinal cord damage can result from slip-and-fall accidents, athletic injuries, motor vehicle crashes, and physical injuries that are the result of violence. 

When the spinal cord is damaged, loss of muscle control and sensation are common. The ability to move is also decreased or lost altogether. 

Doctors have discovered that harvesting a person's own stem cells from their bone marrow and other areas of the body can cause tissues to partially regenerate, providing increased mobility, sensation, and muscle control.

Learn more about how spinal cord stimulation can help with your neuropathic low back and leg pain by calling Pain Care Providers or booking online now.

 Patient Testimonials

“I could not be happier with HF10 and how it has helped me get back to doing the things I love,” Dale said. “I am riding my beloved horse again, cooking, going to the gym regularly and I can wear high heels again!” Click here to read more...


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